The 12 Areas of Life

Legacy – What do you want to pass on to next generations? These are the footprints, our legacy, we decide to leave behind when our time comes to move on.

Mastery – Finding your purpose and the action or process of mastering that skill or accomplishment.

Soul – Your spiritual and immortal Being.

Wealth – Finding your value in the market and how you exchange that value into prosperity.

Body – Your physical body and your bodily fitness and health.

Mind – The element that enables us to be aware of the world and our experiences. Our consciousness, intellect, thoughts and opinions.

Emotions – Your intense feelings and your ability to handle them and keep balance.

Moments – How you cherish your moments and spend your free time and how you celebrate life.

Social – Your social environment. Relationships with friends and family.

Persona – Your personality, the mask you ware on top of your soul or Being. Who do you choose to show up as in the world?

Romance – Your relationship with an intimate partner/-s and the feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.

Contribution – How do you contribute to society and the environment beyond your closest friends and family? What you do to take into account social sustainability.


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