Are you attached to happiness?

Life is an emotion!

Either you know someone, or you are that someone who is always awesome and super happy or you know someone who is always feeling down, all the time, every time. Today, we’re expected to always feel something, when you ask a friend “how are you?”, we expect them to give a feeling answer – I’m great, good, feeling shit, happy etc., we live in an emotion-overload-time. Just look at all the media advertisements, it’s all about selling to our emotions. If the answer of your friend would be “I just am”, you’d probably be confused of what your friend means.

Neutrual is OK
Never in history have we ever been this emotional that we are today. Looking back, to the times of philosophers such as Plato or Socrates, their teachings where quite different to today’s Anthony Robbins’ seminars. Back then, to my experience, the most important thing was to question everything and search for stillness, for the neutrual, for the balance in simply being “I”.

Be your “I”
What we forget in today’s emotional roller-coaster is that emotions are extremes we experience on a scale we’re trying to balance out. As long as we keep attaching ourselves to feeling an emotion all the time, the more we find ourselves away from the balance, from the neutrual, from what is “I”. Instead, the more we appreciate the state of just being without emotion, the closer we come to our true self, your own “I”.

“Be – don’t try to become” – Osho

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