The End of Ego

End of Ego

Superficiality rules
We live in a society where superficiality is celebrated, we spend more time boosting our own egos than connecting with our true nature. Materialism keeps those trapped who don’t question things. Few of us schedule in “me-time”, quiet time, and time to ask ourselves those deep questions on what life really is.

Art of living
“Life is the dancer and you’re the dance.” When we start approaching life from this percpective we become one with life and with that, one with the present moment. We choose to live in the Now, we experience moments, just as they are, full of imperfection and perfection. To my experience, when we get too wrapped up with the dancer instead of the dance itself, we loose ourselves in our ego and forget about the essence of life. We slowly start to suffer and the only way to gain relief, even just for a moment, comes in the form of instant gratification, which again boosts our ego. We keep going around and around in the same dark circle – the ego.

Deth of Ego
The end of ego happens when you choose to take the decision to make the Now your best friend. Ego lives only in the past and in the future, but it can never live in the preset moment, never in the smell of the flowers, the rays of the sun, the touch of the ocean or the song of the birds, these are all representations of the Now, which when fully experienced brings us into the present moment. Now you allow life to love and to live you, you don’t live life – life lives you. Now you’re free.

“We must go beyond the constant clamor of ego, beyond the tools of logic and reason, to the still, calm place within us: the realm of the soul.” – Deepak Chopra

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