How dreams become accomplished goals

Dream it

Dream big
Dreams are important, they’re vital for us planning a future which we would like to experience. As you know, dreams come to life through action. Though sometimes we get lost in the action and forget the beauty of the dream. Once we’ve achieved our dream we don’t necessarily notice we’ve achieved them, they’ve kind of sneaked upon us as time goes by and our consious has moved on to new dreams. We might not notice that dreams do come true.

Remind youself 
Remind your consious of your achievements. As an example – I’ve been living in Australia now for over 4 years and after my first year here my dream was to get permanent residency so I can live here as an Australian. Now I did consiously take action towards that dream and make a series of small decisions to assist me on my path to fulfilling that dream. Though now, 3 years later, when I can finally submit my application for PR, which is the last step that has to happen before I get my PR, it feels so simple and easy that I could have forgotten that it was once only a beautiful dream and I had no clue of how I was going to achieve this dream. I had to step back for a second and remind myself that I am just one tiny step away from reaching my dream which was SO big at the time of creation. This gives me a sense of huge gratitude.

Stop to acknowledge
When we allow ourselves to see the goals we reach as once being only beautiful dreams, we start living in a reality where dreams do come true. Why does this make a difference? When we keep track of our achievements by stopping and acknowledging ourselves, noticing that we are fulfilling on our dreams, we help our unconsious to create connections where it becomes a norm to achieve dreams, instead of seeing things as just something that happened. As these unconsious connections become stronger and stronger by every acknowledged dream that comes true, it allows us to create and believe in even greater dreams and have more of what we want in our lives more easily. When we recognise what otherwise might be overseen as something that “just happened”, as something we actually dreamt once and made come true, we start seeing how powerful we really are with dreaming things that become accomplished goals.

Dream it, do it, believe it and dream more.

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One response to “How dreams become accomplished goals

  1. “Never let somebody tell you that your dreams are to big.”
    Get your goals crystal-clear, take action NOW and get results 😉

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