You have to be Off in order to be On



I’m alive
Wow – I know you were thinking I must have disappeared, got enough of this blogging, maybe even forgot about us. Well you’re right, I did disappear, for a very important reason – to be off. I made a conscious decision after I traveled to Finland and held a workshop there in January this year, that I needed to get clear on what I want to do and who I want to work with. So I decided to stop everything that was me just doing stuff for the sake of doing it and channel all that energy into me working on getting clear on what I really want to be sharing with the world. It has taken me 6 months and so much has happened just from that tiny decision.


Off means On
When I allowed myself to switch to off I started feeling more clear. I dove down into studying what I love – which is personal development, I created a loving and supportive relationship with my partner, I connected with people who assisted in my clarity and my mission. I started finding all the puzzle pieces which have allowed me to start putting together my puzzle. I saw how important it is to be off in order for us to be on again. Like a light switch, it can’t be turned on, if it has not first been turned off.


Take your time
No one but yourself can give you permission to be off. It doesn’t need to be 6 months or a year, it can be one evening or a weekend, or even just an hour. It depends on what you need. Though don’t wait for anyone else to give you the permission to turn off, it is you and you only who can allow yourself to turn off. And it is a good feeling turning that switch to on when it has been off for a while, as the energy behind the light is so much clearer now. Because it is those moments off, that make those moments on so much more valuable.


So go take some time off and find out how much more on you can be!

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