Health is who you’re being

Health is who you are being

It is hard until it’s not
In the last 12 months I’ve given up both alcohol and coffee all together (after binging on both for some time) and here’s the thing, it was not easy…until, it was. You see, when I thought it was hard, it was hard, when I realised it is easy it was easy. As you already know, whatever we focus on in life we get more out of. Then ask yourself, are you focusing on how hard or challenging something is, or are you focusing on how easy and rewarding something is…? Example, are you focusing on how unhealthy you are, or on how healthy you can be?

What you focus on you get
The more I was focusing on something I wanted, that I did not have yet, the more of the ‘wanting’ I was getting, not the having… I was wanting to get rid of coffee from my diet all together, and therefore I was only getting more of the feeling of “wanting to get rid of it” and it was frustrating, making it challenging for me to actually be without coffee. Until, I started appreciating my current situation and the fact that it is ok that I had not yet stopped drinking coffee.

Appreciate where you’re at
The moment I gave myself permission and felt it was ok that I had coffee and alcohol as part of my diet right now, and shifted my focus to having more of the things in my life which aligned with the being I felt I was inside, like water, fruit juices, fresh coconut, and chai teas (all of which I love), I noticed my needs shifted. Very soon I was reaching for a glass of water instead of a glass of wine, and went to pick up a fruit juice in the morning instead of my coffee. The simple appreciation for the now and the permission of everything being ok as it is can make wonders as you connect more with who you are inside and let your being shine through to your choices in the outside world.

“Your body hears everything your mind says.” – Naomi Judd

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