Commit to your life

cook your life

Make a decision 
You know those moments when you feel absolutely clear? Like when you have a shopping list and enter the supermarket and know exactly what to buy to cook the dish you’re making for dinner, yes? Well that’s what a decision feels like. When you make one, things become clear. The decision to go and buy the ingredients needed to cook your dish is easy when you have a list to follow. Similarly outcomes are easy to obtain, when you make a decision and get clear on the steps needed to get there. 

Go shopping
It’s great to have a clear list of ingredients needed, though to create the dish, you physically need to go to the supermarket and buy the ingredients. You take action on your list. You are the one who can take the decision to go shopping, to make it happen for you. It will require some time and money, though without the dish, you’ll go hungry and eventually starve. If you like starving, then keep doing so, if you like to enjoy the dish and cooking it, then invest in what’s needed.

Commit to you
You’re here on this planet to do great things. You might or might not yet know what those great things are, though you can be certain that every commitment you make to take action on something that you inherently want, will take you closer to figuring out even more of what those great things are. When a commitment is made from Your heart, you commit to Your life. You commit to living it the way you want it to be lived and to be the person you want to be. Find your recipe of greatness, go shopping for the resources you need and commit to cooking the life you want yourself to be enjoying.

Now knowing committing to yourself is just as easy as writing a shopping list, what can you imagine yourself doing now, over the Christmas break…

“Commitment is an act, not a word” – Jean-Paul Sartre

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