Appreciate wealth and you will receive


Law of attraction
If you’ve read the book The Secret you know what I’m talking about, if not, just imagine you know what I’m talking about. We manifest things in our lives by what we consistently do both consciously and unconsciously 24/7. They become our habits and behaviours and therefore also our reality. What we manifest (both consciously and unconsciously) is attracted to us. Be aware of what you manifest and what you are attracting to you. Concentrate on what you want rather than what you don’t want, as whatever we concentrate and focus on is attracted to us.

Appreciation of wealth
Likewise, without an appreciation for wealth and respect for it, the attraction of it will be challenging, as whatever you hold dear you manifest. When we start appreciating wealth, respecting it and treating it as something we’d enjoy having more of in our lives, we start attracting more of it into our lives. If you think wealth is bad just becuase you’re conditioned to think so, well then stop right now. Wealth, like everything else, just is. There’s no good or bad with it, it is just what you say it is. Start allowing yourself to become wealthy by holding wealth dear to you.

Know your intention 
…with being wealthy. When you have all the wealth in the world, what are you going to do? Ask yourself, my intention with having all the wealth in the world is to … . You’ll notice, when your intention and purpose is greater than your desire to just simply be wealthy, the universe will conspire to bring you resources that will move you closer to your intention. Wealth, then, will just be an automatic side product. As your soul and intention/purpose are aligned and you act from a pure heart with love for your being, you will receive. 

Fortune sides with him who dares – Virgil

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