Strip everything, and left is only you


Find answers

I come across once in a while people who feel uncomfortable discussing spirituality, soul and our inner most passion and inspiration. Mostly it is because they simply haven’t yet touched their own soul, meaning they haven’t asked the right questions of themselves that would bring light to the answers they already have within them. To find answers you must ask questions first, that’s something I assume you agree with. Then, the quality of your answers is determined by the quality of your questions.


Stripping away

The higher quality questions we ask ourselves, the more light we bring to our soul. Question after question, answer after answer, we strip away attachments we have to beliefs of our reality, emotions, conditioning, habits and our complete internal representation of the world around us. This is when we touch our soul.


Then there was only I

When we act from a place of our soul, our acts are not directed by what we’ve been conditioned to do and believe, we act from our inner most inspiration and love. This happens when we’ve stripped away everything. Left is only I. This inspiration and love is something no one can take away from us because it is not based on anything external, nothing that was not given to you in the first place can be taken away from you. Therefore, it is also something eternal and immortal. We’ve found, call it our true being and purpose/ meaning, or as some would put it – our nothingness.


“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing” – Socrates


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