How motivation grows into inspiration

Need of Motivation and Inspiration


Why you need motivation

Do you, when you feel tired, lost or confused and can’t get moving for a reason or another, that you need motivation to kick off? Most likely yes. When you’re tired, lost or confused and seeking motivation, you’re looking for something that will drive you to start moving, a price that will be worth doing what you’re not getting done at the moment. Motivation, though sometimes perceived as coming from within, is always driven by something outside of your soul, an external factor. You get motivated because you feel there’s something of value to you awaiting once you’ve done what you need to get done. That’s why it will never last.


The problem with needing motivation 

Motivation comes from the Latin word “movere” which means to move. Getting motivation is good, it will get you started and when kept alive it will give you results. However, if the factor driving you is taken away, you will lose motivation and you won’t reach your goals. When motivation is external, it is unstable and can be short term. When you feel you need motivation, it does not come from your inner most love for something. If it would come from your inner most love for something, it would be inspiration, and you would feel energised, on track and clear-minded.


Inspiration is internal

When you are motivated from within, without needing an external factor to make you move, you’re inspired. Inspiration is the energy created when you touch your soul. Those moments when you’re truly inspired, you don’t need anyone or anything to motivate you, you’re invincible. This is how you know you’re inspired from within. Now, you might need a bit of external motivation to start looking for that source of inspiration within you, but when you’re in touch with your soul and expressing yourself out of it, you don’t need motivation, inspiration will move you automatically and infinitely to where you need to go.


“Ordinary riches can be stolen; real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” – Oscar Wilde


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One response to “How motivation grows into inspiration

  1. Not only inspiration, but aesthetic as well. Live long, Aesthetic Women! 😉

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