Master your purpose

Master your purpose

Know what it is not
Mastering something is so much easier and feels natural to you when what you’re working on mastering is in line with your purpose. People go off studying, practicing and working hard on becoming the best in something that is not in line with their purpose. They end up feeling tired or resentful or angry or simply unfulfilled, as what they’re spending all their energy on mastering, is something that they think is the best thing for them to master. Then, how can you know that what you think is the right thing to master, is actually not the right thing?

Identify your true inspiration
When you are pursuing your purpose and mastering the art of your purpose, there can still be hard work involved, but here’s the difference, it feels fun and exciting. It feels like you’re gaining energy instead of loosing it, you are easily focused, no one needs to drag you out of bed to do it. You have energy, inspiration and willpower to go and be the master of it. And foremost, you can’t help but share with others what you know.

Believe you’re worthy of it
All of us have an intuition, a hunch, if we tap in to it, of what our purpose is. You already know, that you know what it is. However, sometimes we block our way to finding and pursuing our purpose, our mind comes up with excuses why not to pursue mastering it or why something else is a better option for us. In the end of the day, the reason we don’t pursue to master our purpose is because we, for reasons that are individual to each one of us, feel we’re not worthy of it, it’s not ok for us. However, you are worthy of mastering your purpose, you always have been, you just need to allow yourself to believe that you are worthy of it. You can choose to master something that makes you unhappy and unfulfilled, or you can choose to master something that makes you happy and fulfilled. I don’t know about you, but I know what I’d rather be, because I deserve it.


“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”
– Pablo Picasso

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One response to “Master your purpose

  1. great post. Very organized, succinct and inpirational! I love and fully agree with the Picasso quote 🙂

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