And if the music plays – Dance

Do you hear the music but still for some reason choose not to dance?

Imagine in front of you a huge dance floor, full of people, the music is playing out loud, but everyone just stands still. Why would people not dance if the music is playing? Why do people choose not to live life to fullest and instead they choose to get stuck, living like robots?

Life is full of opportunities

Life plays new tunes every day. However, some decide to never enjoy the music. Why do people, even when they hear the music, decide the dancing is not for them, that the music is not good enough or it’s too quick or too slow for them, or they tell themselves excuses like they don’t have the rhythm or they will be judged?

When will people stop standing still?

When will people stop being afraid of dancing and start moving to the opportunities life is playing us every day? Just a little bit at a time, to allow ourselves to play with it and to try out a few moves. Dare to open yourself up, loosen up and try something new, in worst case we might have fun, dancing, living life.

We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. – Friedrich Nietzsche


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