Finding Your Dance Style

How do you know when you know? How do you know what your right style is in this dance called life? What steps should you learn? What order should you learn the steps in? And how do you put them together to make a beautiful choreography that feels right for you?

We find the answers to these questions as we start practicing dance and mastering it. We learn the steps from someone who can teach us. We choose someone to teach us whose style we like and resonate with. We watch them put together the steps into choreography and we follow them. We follow them until we know the steps as well as they do.

But then comes the exciting part! Trying to just imitate another persons dance style and choreography will leave us looking as a second rate version of that dance. However, taking their choreography and adding your heart and love into it, will make the dance look and feel unique – just like you.

Yes, I see it to be true, that when I align my heart and love with my dance style, no matter how messy it might feel at the moment, it creates a beautiful mess. A mess that slowly turns into a beautiful dance. And when I see the style slowly emerging, not only through practicing the steps over and over again, but also through adding more and more of my heart into it, I know that I know.

Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else

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