Sex on the dance floor

I know my dad is reading this title and going “WHAT??” at the moment 😉 It’s ok dad, no I did not have sex on the dance floor…

However, what is sex really? We speak about sexual attraction, a kind of energy you feel inside you. Now imagine you’re on the dance floor in a hot latin club, dancing intimately with another person, feeling that sexual attraction inside you. You keep dancing for hours this way. Think about Dirty Dancing – the movie and the dance between ‘Baby’ and Johnny Castle. It is called dirty dancing for a reason… Really what it is, is a transfer of sexual energy between the two people with clothes on. I’d really define it as sex with clothes on.

It’s not a coincidence that so many people hook up after meeting each other in a club on the dance floor. Through music and dance you let go, you relax, you open up to other people’s energies and you allow your own energy to flow freely. You don’t speak, much at least, as the music and the movements swallow all words. You have to use your other senses to communicate. You observe the people around you, noticing how they move, how you feel around them, how they respond to your rythm. It’s a totally different language to words, it is the language of who you really are. In this situation you can not hide behind rhetorics. People sense if you’re happy, if you’re confident, if you’re enjoying yourself, if you’re comfortable, if you have a hidden agenda or if you’re just simply being you.

Dance and movement is a powerful tool of communication. I’m wondering, if we cannot let go and be ourselves on the dance floor, where else in life are we holding back not stepping up to our true nature…? When we can let go and use the language of dance and movement on the dance floor to communicate confidently who we are, I’m wondering, where else in life can we do the same thing?

The truest expression of a people is in its dances and its music. Bodies never lie. – Agnes De Mille

Dirty Dancing

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One response to “Sex on the dance floor

  1. Oanh Do

    So true Mia. Cyril and I met dancing one night… if only I could remember most of it. LOL.

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