Hear the music

This Saturday was absolutely awesome on the dance floor of club Red Room! One word… WOW! You know that feeling when everyone around you on the dance floor connects in a heartbeat and you share the moment with total strangers like you are best friends? That’s exactly how it felt!

We were all jamming along, doing our thing, when something just clicked and all of a sudden there was a dance off happening. This huge circle was created out of nowhere within seconds, with two people in the middle (yes just as in all Step-Up movies…) battling each other. The whole club was watching and cheering along as the two people where competing friendly how far they could take it. The energy was going through the roof!

Hear the music

Isn’t it interesting how something like that can happen in a second, in an instance? A group of total strangers, sharing the same space all of a sudden all get caught up in the same moment, sharing the same energy, becoming one…

They all hear the same music.

To be able to hear the same music, I am wondering how best we can first let go of anything that is stopping us from hearing it. I’m not saying that when everyone has let go of whatever they think they should be doing instead of just hearing the music, then we can all tune in to the same beat and experience it, right? To connect and share the experience, that happens in a heartbeat; as long as you’ve tuned in to hearing the music first.

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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