Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

I have been out dancing again the last two nights. Thursday was salsa night at La Cita in Darling Harbour and yesterday I literally danced the night away at Vbar, enjoying a half-empty dance floor and the tunes of old-school hiphop. Both nights were absolutely awesome!

What I’ve started noticing when I’ve been out dancing the last few months is that people love seeing other people who are in their element on the dance floor. When I say in their element, I mean people who are dancing because of their pure love for expressing themselves through dance, not caring about anyone or anything around them, confidently being themselves in that moment and in that movement. There’s an energy in those people that attracts attention and curiosity. They attract attention and curiosity because they are smiling and having pure fun.

I got confirmation of this again last night. I was dancing on the side of the dance floor, just dancing away in my own world, when a man and a woman came up to me, smiling and started dancing with me. They’d seen me dance and wanted to share the fun they saw I was having. So what they did was they followed my every move, every single move for two straight tracks! It was absolutely hilarious, seeing them trying to keep up, but they didn’t give up, they smiled and enjoyed themselves. We had all fun.

This is not the first time something like this happens to me on the dance floor. People keep coming up to me, wanting to share the space around me and my friends on the dance floor. They ask if they can join us, they give us compliments and they watch how we move, mirroring our steps. These are people I’ve never met before in my life.

I am wondering, is it true, that the more in touch you are with yourself and live by your heart, not your head, the more people will recognise this and feel naturally drawn to you as there are no underlying intentions, only pure being exists. When there are no layers of “who I think I should be” left, then there is only you left, your true being, and that is the most attractive energy anyone will ever have.

Mia Dancing

Energy moves in waves. Waves move in patterns. Patterns move in rhythms. A human being is just that, energy, waves, patterns, rhythms. Nothing more, nothing less. A dance. – Gabrielle Roth

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