What labels do you carry?

Are you an iPhone user or a techie with the latest Samsung?

Are you young or old?

Are you an Australian or an immigrant?

Are you rich or poor?

Are you black or white?

Are you lucky or unlucky?

Are you smart or stupid?

Are you happy or unhappy?

Are you a winner or a looser?

Are you beautiful or ugly?

The list goes on right. You get my point. These are all nothing but labels, with a meaning to you attached to them. You choose to carry certain labels, either because you’ve been told to since you were born or because you’ve at a later stage in life decided that that’s me. Whatever the reason for your labels you still choose to carry them in the now.

Labels can be good, actually I see them necessary because it helps us get on with our lives. If we would constantly find ourselves in limbo in whee-whee land, not choosing to take on any labels, we’d soon get very lost. We’d spend all our time without directions. Our brain can’t handle all the billions of external stimuli we get thrown at 24/7 without some kind of generalisations. Labels are necessary for us to be able to cope with all that stimuli.

However, the question is, are you carrying the most beneficial labels to be who you want to be? Not who everyone else have told you to be?

Now here is an interesting question; if you want to be rich, will it benefit you to wake up every day carrying the label “I am poor”? Do you think all the billioners who once were poor woke up every morning carrying the label “I am poor”? No, not if they didn’t at some stage add “…and I do not want to be poor anymore” to the sentence. Later on changing it to “I am not poor”, and then to “I am rich”. And now they most certainly wake up carrying the label “I am a billionaire”. They definitely did not go from “I am poor” to waking up one day with billions of dollars and then deciding they’d label themselves “I am a billionaire”. Now that’s interesting isn’t it? Wich came first, the chicken or the egg?

You see my point. What do you need to do in order to be able to choose what labels you want to carry?

which came first, the chicken or the egg

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