The secret? It’s too simple for you!

Here comes my second vent on the nature of lazy people, following last weeks post. So all you lazy people out there who don’t want to be offended, you better stop reading now.

You still reading? Ok, cool, here we go…

Do you want to know the great secret behind success, any success? Yes? Then knowing the secret, what will you do with it?

The secret is, it’s too freaking simple for you, disappointingly simple actually. To the point simple where it gets boring. Because it is so simple you don’t believe it and because of that you don’t even care to try. Or you start with the best intentions in mind but because it is so simple you get bored and bit by bit you stop caring, you stop trying. WHAT? Did you just see what you read? You give up on success because the process of getting there is SIMPLE and BORING!?

People, the only thing you need is consistency and repetition of what successful people before you have done. There is no magic pill, there is no “this person is smarter than me”, there is no “this person is luckier than me”, there is no “I can’t do it”. Those are all excuses. To be successful in any area of your life you only need to model the practice that gets you the success you want and start repeating it every day. Yes, every day and you don’t give up, giving up is just another excuse made up by lazy people. It’s not hard, it’s simple.

To get fit and loose weight you go to the gym or go for a walk or a run or eat vegetable soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You do this every day until you reach the result you want. It is not hard to go to the gym, it is not hard to go out for a walk, it is not hard to go out for a run, it is not hard to eat vegetable soup. It’s freaking easy, even a child can manage to do it! The part that becomes hard is the repetition and consistency because it gets boring eating vegetable soup every day and this is where you lazy people fail.

The same thing applies to changing the way you perceive things. It’s not hard to change beliefs. If you want to be a happy person, start waking up every day telling yourself you’re happy today. Go to bed every night telling yourself all the reasons why you are a happy person. In the middle of the day when something pisses you off, remind yourself you’re a happy person. Slowly, through repetition, you will be happier and happy things happen to happy people. You’ll start noticing how you unconsciously start changing things in your environment to serve you better, to serve the happy person you are. There, the positive spiral starts spinning instead of the negative one. But if you’re lazy you’ll stop telling yourself you’re a happy person when the first negative incident hits you. And you know what happens after that… The process is not hard, it’s simple, it is keeping up the process, the consistency of it, that separates the successful people from the lazy people.

Knowing this, how can you best accept that the secret to success is simple. It is just a repetition of processes that have worked for people before you. All you need to do is model and be consistent.

Now do you choose to be lazy, or do you choose to be successful?

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

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One response to “The secret? It’s too simple for you!

  1. It is so simple right? It’s frustrating because sometimes you know people can see the answer but don’t seem to have the sheer will to take the necessary steps to get there!

    In weight loss and fitness attempts for example, I always remember a lesson learned from a very wise team of people who were competing in the IFBB. Their support and understanding for other new competitors was unparalleled and they actually said that when people embark on a new venture whether it be fitness or weight loss or career change people want a blueprint that is tried and trusted and can guarantee a certain result. For instance, they want the security of knowing; “ok if I eat only apples every day for 3 days I will lose 3 kg’s” … the truth is with all things – there is no ‘blueprint’! Each individual needs to be the detective to uncover what works for them.

    As with change or the pursuit of success, everyone knows the premise of ‘The Secret’ but many fail to implement because it relies on the individual to be very open and embark on a series of self discoveries that may not be the same as the next person! There is no official ‘plan’ that they can follow to the letter that is proven by others. Each person must discover on their own what works and then create their own ‘plan’ to follow.

    You know what I mean? I’ve seen so many people succeed at the 12 week weightloss challenge where there are clear defined rules to follow, but subsequently fail when they get out on their own… the secret to success while very simple relies on an ongoing investigation and willingness to try and try and try 🙂

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