Give yourself a tap on your back!

What do you do to celebrate yourself?

Do you give yourself credit for when you remembered to do that thing that’s been on your to-do-list for the last 4 weeks? Do you celebrate the small achievements, like when you’ve done all the gym sessions you promised yourself to do last week? Do you stop for a second to say thank you to yourself when you had a breakthrough in some area of your life? Do you give yourself time to date yourself when you’ve crossed off all the things you wanted to get done over the weekend? If not, I suggest you start tapping yourself on the back right away and find that thing that makes you happy to celebrate with.

I’ve noticed that the more I appreciate the small things I get done and stop for a second to acknowledge that these small things are actually very important achievements and thank myself for getting them done, the easier and more fun it feels to get more of these small things done.

It’s like teaching a dog to sit. For every time the dog sits after telling him to sit, you give the dog a treat and exclaim “well done!” When you do this enough times, over and over again, you create a conditioning in the dog’s mind, the dog knows by now that if he does that specific thing, he’ll get something in return. Now why wouldn’t we do this with ourselves? After all, we’re the only ones who can get things down for ourselves. If we want to get the best results we can, shouldn’t we then also thank ourselves for our efforts? Reward ourselves for the achievements (big or small) and tap ourselves on the back to condition our brain to remember that every time I achieve something, I will get rewarded. It is about motivating and thanking ourselves.

My reward and celebration is going dancing with my friends. It is something I absolutely love, it makes me relax, it makes me tune into myself and leave everything else outside the dance floor. It is just me, the music, the moves and my smiling friends. I went out dancing again this Friday cause I had both small as well as big achievements to celebrate. As we were walking home from the club after a few hours of crazy dancing on the dance floor we walked past an alley that was perfect for a small midnight photo shoot! 1:30 AM in the morning we were doing our thing, enjoying the freedom of doing what we love and having a laugh about it. It feels good to know, that whenever I achieve things, whether they’re big or small, I know how to reward myself and celebrate life. It makes my life so much more fulfilling.

He can you best celebrate your achievements and give yourself that well deserved tap on you back to say thank you to yourself?


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