Dieting and Who We Are

I was chewing on my spinach-lentil omelet, counting that I’d chew each mouthful at least 20 times. It was boring. The reason I was doing it was because I am trying out this new diet – losing fat while binging. Just because it sounds so unreal I want to see for myself if it works.

As I was sitting there, chewing and counting, I thought about something. The process of dieting is very similar to the process of learning to know who we are. There are so many similarities to be drawn!


1) Has a diet ever worked for you if you’ve started it without a set plan or goal? Dieting without a plan you know has worked for someone else? Probably not. The same goes with getting to know who we are. Without set goals or some kind of direction and/or support of a mentor, I would be crawling blindly around trying to put the pieces together on my own. Yes, of course you can go through trial and error, some maybe prefer even that. But like dieting, it gets frustrating at some point having to try different things all the time, not being sure what we’re really doing. It feels much easier if I know someone who has done it before me because that someone can give me advice prior and during my diet.

2) Ever come across those great marketing promises of a diet? The diets all the celebrities are doing at the moment, just to try it out and notice it doesn’t work for you? There are a lot of methods and coaches out there for personal development, greater awareness of ourselves etc. The trick is to find the one you feel works for you. You might still end up having to try different things. Not every diet, personal trainer or gym will be the right one for me, but at least it gave me the tools I needed at that point in life to move forward. It is much easier to know what we want, once we know what we don’t want.

3) It feels hard. Ever been used to eating a high carb and high sugar diet and drinking a lot of coffee on top? Then you’d understand me when I say “withdrawal effects”. Those first few days of your first week without any carbs or sugar or coffee…oh la la! Not the nicest place to be in but we know we need to go through them because the results won’t come unless we put in a bit of effort. The same goes with making a conscious decision of making a change in our life. The decision makes me excited at first but once the withdrawal effects of realising that the more aware I become of who I am, then my values might not align anymore with the environment I live in. We start considering going back to our old ways of living because it feels much easier to do so than to change our environment, which sometimes can include work, friends even loved ones like boyfriend or girlfriend, not to mention husband or wife.

4) Have you ever failed with a diet? Of course you have. I have several times! But the beauty is, it’s ok. We can always pick up where we left off last time and start again. Either it was because of a lack of commitment to my diet that I failed or it was because the diet wasn’t right for me. Whatever the reason, we know what we need to do (or not to do) next time. Failing is part of the journey. Same goes with developing and getting to know ourselves. It’s not a highway to heaven, it’s a spiral path that slowly takes us closer to where we want to go. Mistakes are part of it and we can always start off where we left things. Mastering something takes time and practice.

5) It is so rewarding once you start seeing results. Getting closer to our ideal weight or size makes us feel good. You get more confident in the diet as you start receiving positive compliments from everyone around you. Every little win in the right direction keeps you motivated and inspired to continue. The same goes with getting more and more in touch with who you are, what you stand for in life and what you want to be. The greater your wisdom of who you are is and the greater your confidence in your beauty is, the more compliments you are receiving. Friends as well as strangers start asking you why you’re always smiling. You get random people coming up to you to tell you how beautiful your smile is, how full of energy you seem to be, and how much they enjoy being around you. That means you’re on the right path and you’re getting results.

Now what is the number one reason for a diet not working…?

Without commitment, intention, persistence and faith, no diet will work. Same goes with acquiring greater wisdom of who we are and getting in touch with our pure beauty. Results are not achieved without a goal, and to gain results we must have commitment. To reach greater goals requires persistence, and to keep being persistent requires faith in our own abilities to reach those goals.

Knowing that, you already know how to best make the next “diet” work for you.

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