Every Mind Is A World

I read the book “The 5th Agreement” by Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz last year. It’s a short and quickly read book. What I took out from that book was to always try and remember we’re all living our own lies, yes lies. The reason we’re living a lie is that we base the truth on all our individual belief systems which are based on individual experiences. These are not the truth because if they were, there would exist over 7 billion truths in the world.

All of what we know as the truth, is based on symbols or words that we have invented in order to be able to understand others and to express what we think. Because we believe in and agree on the meaning of these words and symbols we create our belief systems based on these symbols. We then justify everything around us based on our belief systems. When we are aware of this and that everyone else are living a different truth (or lie) to us, we can understand that all the misunderstandings, fights, disagreements, hate etc. all only exist because we have justified our perceptions of everything around us differently. They are all lies though because the only truth which exists according to Ruiz and Ruiz is the earth, the stars, and the universe. These existed before the humans and before we created symbols to try and justify everything.

As long as we are aware that our lives are full of symbols that we’ve as human beings created and can understand that we’re all living our own lies based on how we have used these symbols in the past and how we are using these symbols right now to create our lives, then we also know that everyone else around us is living a different lie. The more aware we become of this, the easier it is to let go of anger, hatred, misunderstanding, fights, disagreements etc. because they are all based on our own and/or other peoples’ lies.

How can you choose to best express your lie, always keeping in mind that it is only your lie? Every mind is its own world.

“In a controversy the instant we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves.” – Buddha


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