It’s hot, extremely hot!

Yesterday it was +41 degrees Celsius in Sydney. It was H.O.T. The only thing that would cool me down was ice cream. And oh the ice cream tasted good in that heat!

Why is it that when we experience extreme weather conditions we all let our guard down and open up to each other more easily. I mean, no one talks to each other on the bus stop or in the elevator normally but when there are extreme weather conditions -voilà! All of a sudden everyone are friends with everyone because we have something to talk about and we share the same extreme situation. We get a feeling of unity maybe?

Why does it take extreme weather conditions to share a feeling of unity with the people around us when we already share a greater unity? We are already part of the same world – we share the same earth and life together with all its beauty. Why is it that we choose to walk through days and life without noticing others around us? I’m especially referring to everyone walking with their head down, watching their feet; or the people walking with a blank stare in their eyes, ignoring everything around them as well as in front of them; or the people wearing sunglasses everywhere (last time I checked the sun wasn’t shining inside the supermarket and the lights in there are definitely not that bright that you’d need sunnies!)

With a little bit more attention to the surroundings and the other people around us, maybe we can share smiles and laughs a bit more? I’m not saying we might actually enjoy smiling to the people we meet throughout the day as a nice gesture saying “this is me, noticing you, hi“.

I’ve noticed that smiling is contagious. If I smile to someone I pass on the street they can’t help but to smile back. One of my favorite activities is sitting on the bus and smiling when people get on the bus and see how many of them notice me and how quickly they smile back. Try it, it’s fun and if no one else smiles, at least you feel better because smiling makes you also feel happier!

Over to you, how can you best notice the people around you and share a smile and maybe a laugh? Just do it.

ice cream

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