What Did You Take Away From 2012?

As the calendar year is about to end for 2012 and we’re awaiting the new challenges for 2013 I’ve been reflecting on the greatest things I’m taking away from 2012. Asking ourselves once in a while what achievements we’ve gained in terms of learnings is quite interesting as a lot of times we forget how much we learn in just a year. A quick look back at a full-on but at the same time awesome year 2012 shows me how much really happens in only a year. The first few things that popped into my head and also the most important things I’ve listed below.

    1) Never stay in a job you don’t get anything out of. Never. Not worth it.

    2) Respect yourself so much that you choose who you spend your time with. You respect yourself just as much as you respect the people you spend most of your time with.

    3) Taking risks is a fun thing. Just do it. It’s worth the thrill and the outcome, if nothing else comes out of it, at least you’ll know what not to do next time.

    4) There is nothing wrong with choosing your own path and doing what most would not. Being different is a good thing, it means you’re not stuck in the matrix anymore.

    5) Once a step, be it big or small, is taken towards the right direction new doors will open for you. “Don’t be afraid of moving slow, only be afraid of standing still” (Chinese proverb)

    6) Dreaming bigger brings bigger results. If you aim for the mediocre you’ll never hit the great.

    7) From every disappointment comes a learning worth more than the disappointment itself. The greatest opportunities tend to be born out of the greatest miseries.

    8) Never cry over spilt milk. There is much more milk available for you if you only ask for it!

    9) Imagination is key to reality. I’ll say this once more because this is important, imagination is key to reality.

    10) Do what you enjoy doing and the support you need on your way will find you. There is something marvelous about how the state of enjoyment attracts like-minded people to you who just cannot help but to lend their hand.

    11) The more true you are towards yourself, the more beautiful people you meet. Think about it, if you quit smoking you can’t stand being around people smoking anymore and you’ll find people to hang around who don’t smoke either. Interesting right…

    12) Miracles do happen. You cannot argue this. A breathing human being with 23 pairs of chromosomes in each cell, 5 senses, 2 legs and 2 arms is born out of another human being. If that is not a miracle, then what is?

    13) There is no gain in playing small. No gain, so why not play big instead?

    14) Life is pretty simple and living happy is easy. You choose if it’s complicated and hard. So why not choose simple and easy instead?

    15) We attract the people who reflect us in some way. Think about that the next time one of your friends annoys you and the next time one of your friends say something positive about you.

    16) Every new friendship we get brings a new wind of learning to us. You might not see the learning right away but once you do, you’ll smile.

    17) Unwavering faith in ourselves is the second most powerful thing moving us forward. Faith is powerful, choose wisely what or who you put your faith in.

    18) The amount of love we have inside us and share with everyone around us is multiplied back to us. The more love you can share, the more love you’ll receive.

    19) The butterfly effect is pretty cool. Try it out, even just with a smile to the next person you meet.

    20) Good things come to happy people. Full stop.

So smile more! And if you don’t know what makes you smile, then I suggest you write this down on your bucket list for 2013: “To find out what truly makes me happy and make sure to add that into my life”.

Safe celebrations to everyone!


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