It’s Not Then, It’s Now.

I was in the middle of writing about how I feel about new years resolutions and how I’d like to see more people making resolutions throughout the year, not only once a year at New Years because we’re expected to…and then I decided to write about something else that’s been on my mind lately.

Often we think of ourselves as living in the future. We say to ourselves, once I do this – then this will happen; or once I feel like this – then I’ll be like this. That is the same thing as making up excuses. I’m sorry, it is. The sooner we can stop making excuses, the more fun we’ll have in life right now.

We are already all we want to be, right now. If you think and feel small about yourself, you are small but if you feel and think big about yourself you are big. Nothing will change in the future until you change the now. The last few weeks, every time I’ve come across myself thinking that once I do that – I’ll start being like that, I’ve reminded myself that whoever I am looking up to to be in the future, the best time to start being that person is right now. If you want to be healthy, be healthy right now. If you want to be happy, be happy right now. If you want to be confident, be confident right now. If you want to be true to yourself, be true right now. If it helps you, think about a person you look up to who has the qualities you’d like to acquire and imagine what they would do right now in your situation. You have the power to be that person right now. It’s not then, it’s happening right now.

It’s not about who you need to be, it’s about how you can best be the person you already are. Don’t put a future stamp on something you want to be. Put a now stamp on something you already are.

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not. ~ attributed to Hanoch McCarty


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