Where Do You Find Surfers?

Have you ever asked yourself “where all the great men are”? If you read my previous blog post on “Dear Lover” you’ve already come across the concept that how much you appreciate yourself reflects in what kind of men you date, your man is just as perfect as you are. However, even after you know this but are still looking for them in the wrong place you’ll never meet the equivalent of yourself.

If someone would ask you where they can best find surfers you’d most likely say the beach, right? You wouldn’t go looking for surfers in the shopping mall if you didn’t know there was a shop in the mall which had a massive sale on for professional surfboards… So, I’m throwing this question to you for next year: how can you best know where to find the men who are the equivalent of yourself and who reflect you in the purest way? If previous environments are not serving you and you’re starting to doubt you won’t meet great men, then maybe it’s time to think about why you’re looking for them in that environment. I’m not saying that if you know why you’re looking for them in a certain environment and know exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll also know where to go and look for them. And if you know where to look for them, then you’ll also know how you’ll find them.

Good luck surfing beautiful!


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