There’s Always Another Flight

It was 5:58am and my cousin woke me up with the question “what’s the time?” I opened my eyes and tried to understand why she was asking me that…wait, what WAS the time? And when is our flight leaving again? Seconds that felt like minutes later, I was wide awake and realized our flight was leaving in 40 minutes and there was no way we’d get to the airport in time. F**k!

This was a trip we’d been planning from the beginning to make as cheap as possible, taking our decisions based on price rather than what was easy and convenient. We’d already had to rethink, cancel and rebook our first day of our trip, which ended up costing us more money. Now when we’d got everything sorted, both of us slept in! What was planned to be cheap travels had now turned into costing us more than if we would have chosen the more expensive travel option up front.

A few quick moves and 15 minutes later we were in a cab, hoping our flight might be delayed and we’d still make it. This time, the low fare airline was on time. We arrived to the airport as the flight literally took off. We started investigating our options and quickly realized they were limited. We made a decision on the only available other flight the same day, closed our eyes and swiped the credit card. Wohaaa! The minute that decision was made I could relax. There was nothing more to consider, no “what-ifs”. I had accepted the situation as is and moved forward. Yes, this wasn’t how I’ve originally planned it to be but now I was moving forward again, I wasn’t stuck in the “what should I do” situation.

That state where you feel insecure, you feel anxious or that everything around you is going wrong and against you, that is the sate where you still haven’t made a decision. That is the state where you’re either living in the past – unwilling to accept the now and make a decision that will take you forward; or you’re living in the future – still weighing up options around you, concentrating on “what if option A is the better than option B”, staying stagnant instead of making a decision. Once you make that decision that serves you right now and accept it, you experience a calmness and you’re able to stop worrying about it and move on to the next thing.

What you’re doing is exchanging value. You’re making a decision on what exchange will give you the value you’re after right now. Until you make that exchange you won’t receive any value, you’ll just stay thinking about what value you might receive or what value you would have received. The sooner you’re able to decide on what value a decision will bring you and accept the exchange rate, the quicker you’re moving forward. As long as you’re not accepting the exchange of value you’ll stay stagnant.


In the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which flight you make it on. What matters is that you get on a flight and keep moving forward. In the end of the day, if you miss the first flight, the beauty is there will always be another flight which you can get on.

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