Dear Lover

“When I see you eat chocolate or your favourite foods, I am amazed at how your body responds by opening and softening in pleasure as if love were moving through you…I wonder why you would choose to live any other way but this open to love.”David Deida, from the book Dear Lover

For all you women tired of meeting only boys and wondering where all the great men are, this book will be an eye opener for you. Have you ever thought that you attract the men who can claim you equally deep. Look at the men you are attracting and you will know if you are settling for less from yourself…

If you’re not happy with the current situation and the current men you’re attracting, ask yourself “How will I stop settling for less and claim what is rightfully mine?” I’m not saying that as you become more in touch with who you are and trust to share the love you have inside you, you will also attract the great men you cannot seem to see at the moment.

“Your offering is a beacon; your man is, or will be, as deep as you are now offering the hole in your heart, your yearning to open as love.” – David Deida

David Deida - Dear Lover

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