Letting Go

Have you ever come across those people who year in and year out do the exact same thing? Leave their home at the exact same time in the morning, take the exact same route to work, sit in the exact same spot on the bus, go to the exact same cafe to get their exact same coffee, go for lunch to the exact same place, chat to the exact same colleagues, leave work at the exact same time, shop food at the exact same supermarket, cook dinner at the exact same time and eat the exact same diet, do the exact same gym class with the exact same gym instructor, watches the exact same reality TV shows, goes to bed at the exact same time, sleeps on the exact same side of the bed, wakes up the next morning and does everything all over again?

Sound familiar? I know, it’s a bit over the top but you get the gist! If you’re not one of them, you most likely know someone like this.

Let go

I had the pleasure to act as a trial client for an art therapy session. During that session we did deep meditation and I was taken on a journey; visualising sitting on the back of an eagle, flying high over the mountains, far away. Then eventually flying closer down and viewing what my life looked like right now, lingering along watching my life with the eyes of an eagle and taking a snapshot of what I saw. Then the eagle continued into the future and I could watch what my life looked like in the future and again taking a snapshot of what I saw. After the meditation I got to paint what both my present and future lives looked like. Wow! I’m telling you, a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

In the present picture of my life right now I could sense a lot of same things repeating over and over again. There was however this light blue light to the right of my painting, which was trying to enter my otherwise routine based image of my life. The next morning when I walked out of my home I just felt a need to walk to the right instead of straight ahead as I usually do. I walked past my local café, which I only go into during weekends as I usually wait to have my morning coffee until I get to the CBD. This morning I decided to get a coffee from here instead. I had a nice chat and a few laughs with the café staff, I felt relaxed, I got my coffee and walked to another bus stop than the one I usually get my bus from. It felt nice to just break my short morning routine a little bit, I felt freedom, it felt good to walk out of the picture and see what’s available for me to the right.

My point is, that until we try something new, take a step to the left or the right from the image we hold of our lives, we won’t see what’s going on outside our image. We are so attached to living a certain way that we think it’s crazy if someone suggests that we could do it differently. We are afraid of letting go because of the value we’ve invested in living the way we do. However, without stretching our boundaries and letting our feelings and intuition direct us at least part of the way, we can’t get rid of the attachments we have created in our lives. Until we try, we won’t know of anything else. Until we try to let go, we will still be attached to the exact same things, over and over again. Of course, there will always be fallbacks, but how good does it feel to know that you can always try again, until one day you notice that all that trying did in fact create a change.


“Loving, hating, having expectations: all these are attachments. Attachment prevents the growth of one’s true being.” – Lao Tzu


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