Rome wasn’t built in a day baby!

How many of us have tried those miracle diets which are meant to have results in no time, or got one of those slimming creams, or bought a body shaping lingerie just to realise they didn’t have the results we were hoping for? They might have given us a short term solution but before we knew it we were back to status quo… All I can say is, Rome wasn’t built in a day baby!

How much do we really want to change something? If we feel we don’t have the motivation to keep going to reach a certain change and instead we’re relying on the newest quick fix out there, then ask;

“why am I not motivated to make this change?”

I tried several times to change the way I was partying. I was tired of waking up exhausted the next day, tired of feeling stupid over what I’d said or done the night before, frustrated about the amount of money I’d spent, sad about the effects the partying had on my body, health and mind. So many times I’d wake up on a Saturday or Sunday morning and say “I never want to drink alcohol again!” and every time I meant it, I really didn’t want to feel that way anymore but for some reason I couldn’t get myself to make that lasting change; I’d still keep waking up saying the same thing again and again. I wasn’t motivated to make a change because I hadn’t made up my mind about what I wanted instead. I didn’t have another, better option competing with the current one.

What I eventually realised was that as long as I didn’t know what I wanted instead and didn’t manifest that other option in my mind, I would keep doing the same thing over and over again. How can I make a change if I don’t know what I want to change something to? If I know I want to change the colour of my hair but I don’t know what colour I want to change it to, the change won’t happen until I’ve decided on the new colour right? I can walk around talking about me wanting to change the colour of my hair, I might even look at different colour options but nothing will change until I’ve made up my mind on the exact colour I want instead. Once I’ve decided that the colour I want is red, then I’ve made the decision on what colour I want instead and I can now go ahead and buy the colour and make the change.

I did eventually change the way I party but the change only happened once I knew what I wanted to feel instead of the hangovers I was experiencing. Once I was motivated to feel in a certain way instead of the way I was feeling in that current time, the steps towards the change were easy. The change then came naturally with least effort.

What do you want instead? Do you want to loose 5kg? Do you want to be able to run the marathon? Do you want to wake up at 7am on Sundays to enjoy the whole day? Do you want to spend your money on that well deserved Thailand trip? Do you want to feel full of energy without first having to drink 3 mugs of coffee? Write it down; What Do You Want Instead? Then every time you slip back to old habits, go back and read what you want instead. Manifest it in your mind. Rome wasn’t built in a day but they got there eventually.


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