Going Back To Basics

Do you ever feel you get so caught up in doing what you’re doing that you’re not sure anymore why you are doing something? It’s almost like there is a lack of a common thread that binds all your actions together.

This week I’ve been sharing my blog with friends around me and I’ve been asking them for their thoughts. They’ve been awesome, I’ve received constructive and encouraging feedback. One question that several of them have asked me is “What is the purpose of your blog?”.


As in everyday life, if we don’t have a purpose and a ‘why’ for what we’re doing, we’ll soon start feeling demotivated, bored, maybe even frustrated or depressed; or we’ll become numbed, we’ll go through life like robots. However, if we have a strong purpose, then we easily discover a ‘why’ for every single thing we do. All actions we take align then nicely with our greater purpose and there is a feeling of everything having its meaning, wether it’s big or small.

I believe that when we have a strong sense of who we are, what we stand for, and what we want to leave behind when we move on from this earth, we also easily acquire a strong sense of purpose in life and find the ‘whys’ of our everyday actions. When I got the question what the purpose of me writing this blog is, I had to go back to basics for a while. I had to remind myself again what I stand for in life, what my values are and how I want these to shine through in this blog. When doing that, it got all clear to me again – I am here, writing this blog to share my insights of me discovering the beauty of myself in the hope of inspiring others to do the same.

“Like gold, pure beauty is obtained after washing away from it all that is not gold”

Going back to basics once in a while and asking ourselves “how does this align with who I am, what I stand for in life and what I want to leave behind?” will help us find the ‘whys’ of the actions we take in everyday life.

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2 responses to “Going Back To Basics

  1. Why can’t we blog for the sake of blogging? Everything does not necessarily have to have a reason.

    • Why can’t we write for the sake of writing? Why can’t we go to work for the sake of working? Why can’t we get up in the morning for the sake of getting up? Why can’t we eat for the sake of eating? Why can’t we breathe for the sake of breathing? Why can’t we just live for the sake of living? Sometimes reasons may be unconscious but the more aware we are of them, the greater our choices are…

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