Inspired but what next?

Lately I’ve been finding myself more often inspired than before. When I say inspired I mean having an urge to do what I love doing, having a feeling that it’s exactly what I am supposed to do and having a flow of ideas popping up beautifully. Maybe this is because I am spending more and more time around people who inspire me, maybe because I am reading books that inspire me, maybe because I am hearing stories about what people have done that inspire me. Yes, it is all of those things, and it is great but what next?

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you have all this inner positive energy but you just don’t know how to create something out of it? What I can say for myself is, it’s frustrating. I just want to get things happening because I feel I am on a flow but I don’t know literally what my next step should be. The answer – just do it! I love Nike for that phrase, it’s absolutely one of my favorites.

What happens is I get all inspired, I am on an all time high of positive energy, living in a reality where everything is possible and then, then my ego jumps in and starts talking to me in my head. “It’s too difficult”, “That will be hard to manage”, “You’ll be all on your own”, “Why would it work?” etc. BS! Why wouldn’t it work? Who says you can’t do it? You do, so stop telling yourself you cannot do something and just get on with it. Take one step at a time.

“Don’t be afraid of moving slow, only be afraid of standing still.” – Chinese proverb

So next time you get all inspired, act on it, just do whatever your intuition tells you to do. How cool would it be to live an inspired life where your inspired ideas become reality? Just asking…

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