I Am Me

Yesterday I went to watch a hiphop dance show/competition here in Sydney. Amongst national crews I had the privilege to enjoy 2 international absolutely awesome dance crews – ‘Mos Wanted Crew‘ and ‘I Am Me‘ crew.

I see movement as a vital part of every human being. Movement is when we are most true to ourselves. Through movement we express our inner me. If you know how to create movement, you know how to dance. If you don’t know how to create movement, I suggest it’s about time you start exploring how.

I absolutely love going to dance shows. Not only do I love to stand on stage myself and dance but I also love watching when dancers share themselves on stage with an audience that appreciates the beauty of their movements. The beauty of their movements come when dancers strip all layers of their personality away and they just are. They just are and they are together a team in harmony. The best dance crews are those who work in absolute harmony as a team. You can see the flow, you can see the trust and you can sense the oneness of them. The team gives them energy and just being them gives them confidence.

Yesterday this stood out to me stronger than before. That confidence in being just them when dancing. Why i noticed it yesterday was when a few of the dancers where asked to present themselves on stage as part of a jury panel. Who they were on stage at that time, answering the questions, was not the same person they were when they were dancing on that same stage. They lacked the same confidence, they lacked the same presence and they lacked the same truth. Wow, isn’t that interesting – the same body but two expressions.

Hmmm I thought, so if dancing brings out the truth in me, who I am when I am just me; then who am I all the rest of the minutes, hours and days of my life…?

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