Shape it

I’m now in the second week of my detox. I’ve had 14 days to strip my body from what it was used to. My body has been at best confused, at worst in chock. Especially taking away the sugar intake has been hard, I’ve been feeling exhausted, sleeping 2-3 hours more per night and still waking up with puffed eyes.

But as I move forward on the path of shaping myself, my body has also started to recognize the good things I’m eating and using them in the right way. It has become easier to listen to my body, now I start to really understand what my body is after and which deficiencies I have. I’m making sure I’m giving my body what it needs.

I’ve found beautiful organic local stores. I’ve found beautiful food which offers natures own energy. I’ve discovered my favorite fresh fruit juice – carrot, celery, beetroot and apple. And I’ve baked my first ever organic, yeast free spelt bread this morning! All these goodies are crossing paths with me without me having to do much to make it happen.

When you open your eyes for something, really open your eyes and heart for something, everything around you comes together and it finds you. You decide who and what you want to be. You actually are all that already, the question is how can you best express it? And how do you want to best express it?

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” – Anaïs Nin

How do you shape yourself, your life and your world?


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