Stop it!

I started this three week detox on Monday. My body had been craving for it. It was actually shouting for it. It had been wanting it for a long time. It took me this long to listen to it, to do it. Why didn’t I want to stop eating foods and drinks that I could feel were no good for me?

I learnt today that I was pushing down emotions I wasn’t ready or didn’t want to face. Every time one of these emotions were about to come out, I’d unconsciously reach for that something that I could push the emotion down with again. The funny thing is that it was usually positive emotions I would push down. Feeling of love for myself and who I am and who I’ve become. I wasn’t used to them, didn’t know how to handle them. Every time I felt great about something I’ve achieved or done or just had a great morning for no other reason than that I felt awesome, I’d ‘celebrate’ it by eating or drinking something my body didn’t like. By doing this, I didn’t let the positive emotions come out and I was unconsciously pushing them down, declining the emotion of love for myself to reach the surface.

Well, everything has it’s time. And now my mind was ready to realize what my body had ages ago. It is time for a deep cleanse. Time to get rid of the blockage, time to get everything out that wants to come out, and time to step up and provide my body with what it deserves.

I’m only into the first week of my 3 week detox but I can already feel small bursts of emotions coming up. My body is not only cleansing itself from the toxins in my body. It’s also cleansing itself from toxic beliefs I’ve hold on to about myself.

“We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face… we must do that which we think we cannot.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

The only person who is best at loving you is you. So stop denying your body to feel great, stop denying your mind to feel great and stop not loving you. Stop it!

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