There are no limits

I’ve recently made the decision to challenge myself physically. Which means I’ve decided to turn exercise into a lifestyle rather than something I do to get fit.

I’ve always danced. I love dancing. It is the easiest exercise I know of and the most enjoyable exercise but it is not challenging enough for me, I have too much fun doing it. I was in a state where I needed something that would push my limits, try to break the existing boundaries I had unconsciously put in place. I wanted to work my butt off (like Jennifer Beals in Flash Dance).

I had tried this before; early morning runs, eating healthy etc. but it had always felt too hard to keep up for more than a certain period of time. I did not like running. Period. I always quit after a while.

However, this time around it feels different and I know it is because it actually feels easy now, it even feels really good waking up at 5:30am to do a run, it’s like being high on exercise endorphins…just can’t get enough of it. And the only reason I can think of for this change is that everything else in my life has started to feel easy as well. When all different parts of life are in harmony, things that might have felt hard before, comes naturally to you instead. The really cool thing is…once you let go of limits in one area of life, you automatically start letting go of limits in other areas of your life as well. What used to be hard doesn’t feel that hard anymore.

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