Just Do It!


So after about six months of seriously thinking about how I can best start doing something about my passion I am writing my first ever blog post with a glass of red wine as my friend. Writing this I am wondering how all the famous bloggers did it, you see they all have these followers but you never really think about what their absolute beginning looked like…!

So I started wondering what my first blog post should be about, I mean it is kind of special right! Do I just jump straight into it or do I plan it and start off a little bit at a time. I’ve always liked Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” and since it is also part of my life philosophy (even though I tend to be quite a planner sometimes), I’ll go with the first option – jump straight into it.

As Shakespeare nicely put it: “All Glory Comes From Daring To Begin”

Today I went for a dance class for the first time in a few months. It had been a while because I had made a conscious decision to do a few other things with my time instead (more about that later). I guess I could call myself a dancer, not a professional one but still, I see myself as dancer. The song we did a choreography to was Usher’s – Looking 4 Myself. It was a bit funny that this song was what we did the choreo to because the reason I hadn’t been going to dance for a while was partly because I had been spending time looking for myself and finding out what my desire in life is. The song in itself has a different message to what my looking was all about but still, it felt like a meaningful come-back.

Dance really gives you the opportunity to look for yourself, your soul gets given a path to express itself and the more you listen to your inner self while dancing, the more beautiful your expression – ‘aka’ you, are. I’ve noticed that dancing and looking as well as finding myself go hand-in-hand, the more I dance, the more I look into myself and the more I find out about myself, the more beautiful my dance becomes.

Dear to begin, anywhere, and just join the dance!

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