Are you attached to happiness?

Life is an emotion!

Either you know someone, or you are that someone who is always awesome and super happy or you know someone who is always feeling down, all the time, every time. Today, we’re expected to always feel something, when you ask a friend “how are you?”, we expect them to give a feeling answer – I’m great, good, feeling shit, happy etc., we live in an emotion-overload-time. Just look at all the media advertisements, it’s all about selling to our emotions. If the answer of your friend would be “I just am”, you’d probably be confused of what your friend means.

Neutrual is OK
Never in history have we ever been this emotional that we are today. Looking back, to the times of philosophers such as Plato or Socrates, their teachings where quite different to today’s Anthony Robbins’ seminars. Back then, to my experience, the most important thing was to question everything and search for stillness, for the neutrual, for the balance in simply being “I”.

Be your “I”
What we forget in today’s emotional roller-coaster is that emotions are extremes we experience on a scale we’re trying to balance out. As long as we keep attaching ourselves to feeling an emotion all the time, the more we find ourselves away from the balance, from the neutrual, from what is “I”. Instead, the more we appreciate the state of just being without emotion, the closer we come to our true self, your own “I”.

“Be – don’t try to become” – Osho

Why goals fail and know better

goals fail

Goals fail
Actually, nothing ever fails, we only get feedback to put us back on track, though sometimes (and for some people – most of the time) goals people set are never achieved. This happens, your New Years resolution three months down the track is just a long lost memory, it’s ok, it happens, though if you want a different result, ask yourself – why is this so?

Know your Why
It all comes down to your why, the one hidden thing that drives your existence on this earth, from where your purpose grows, from where your inspiration gets its energy and from where your most accomplished goals got their drive – remember those goals you just made happen…yes exactly. When you know your why you can align everything in your life, even your goals, around it, and things just magically start happening (of course together with some dedicated action from your side).

Find your Why
Everyone knows their why and always have known, unconsciously, though consiously they might not yet be aware of it, especially if you’re one of the people who never seem to hit your goals. So, ask yourself: “if I would wake up one morning and I had all the money in the world, there was nothing I needed to do, no one or nothing to save or help, everything was just the way it was supposed to be; what would I do with my time when I woke up – how would I spend it?” Take the first response that comes to your mind and ask yourself “what does this give me or allow me to do?” Now you’re getting really close to your Why.

Now knowing this, how would you write your goals for 2015? Now go kick-ass!

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how” – Friedrich Nietzsche

The End of Ego

End of Ego

Superficiality rules
We live in a society where superficiality is celebrated, we spend more time boosting our own egos than connecting with our true nature. Materialism keeps those trapped who don’t question things. Few of us schedule in “me-time”, quiet time, and time to ask ourselves those deep questions on what life really is.

Art of living
“Life is the dancer and you’re the dance.” When we start approaching life from this percpective we become one with life and with that, one with the present moment. We choose to live in the Now, we experience moments, just as they are, full of imperfection and perfection. To my experience, when we get too wrapped up with the dancer instead of the dance itself, we loose ourselves in our ego and forget about the essence of life. We slowly start to suffer and the only way to gain relief, even just for a moment, comes in the form of instant gratification, which again boosts our ego. We keep going around and around in the same dark circle – the ego.

Deth of Ego
The end of ego happens when you choose to take the decision to make the Now your best friend. Ego lives only in the past and in the future, but it can never live in the preset moment, never in the smell of the flowers, the rays of the sun, the touch of the ocean or the song of the birds, these are all representations of the Now, which when fully experienced brings us into the present moment. Now you allow life to love and to live you, you don’t live life – life lives you. Now you’re free.

“We must go beyond the constant clamor of ego, beyond the tools of logic and reason, to the still, calm place within us: the realm of the soul.” – Deepak Chopra

You’re only as wise as you’re selective

selective and wise

Transform positively
Albert Einstein wrote “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them“. If we want transformation we need knowledge, new knowledge. Not any knowledge though! What education means is to select the best ideas to work with, and You and only you select them. Without being selctive you’ll be lost in all the ideas available to you. It’s almost impossible to escape from the influences around us today. Though we need to be open to new advice and ideas or we keep hitting against the same old problem over and over again.

Kill your ego
Ignorance can hold us back and transform us negatively. Thinking we know everything is the worst thing, then we close ourselves from all good advice. From Socratic times the wise say “I know that I know nothing”. So learn to detach yourself from egoism, learn that we are not all the same, we’re just different. Be open and look for positive transformations even in places where you least expect them.

Find wisdom
The best tool you have available to you, to know how best to be selective, is investigation. In order for us to be able to select the right advice for us, we need to develop the trait of investigation. First we need to recognise our weakest points – where might influences come through for me? When we know our weakest points we can strengthen them. We do this by strengthening our consciousness around our weakest points so we don’t let influences through. Then we look for knowledge, we are open to learning new things, then we turn this learning into investigation and finally, when we’ve been selective and chosen the right ides for us to work with, we turn this into wisdom, our wisdom. Through wisdom we allow ourselves to choose better and solve our problems with new thinking and through positive transformation.

“Now, Kalamas, don’t go by reports, by ledgends, by traditions, by scripture, by logical conjecture, by inference, by analogies, by agreement through pondering views, by probability, or by the thought. This contemplative is our teacher, when you know for yourself that these qualities are skillful; these qualities are blameless; these qualities are praised by the wise; these qualities, when adopted & carried out, lead to welfare & to happiness – then you should enter & remain in them.” – Kãlãma Sutta

How dreams become accomplished goals

Dream it

Dream big
Dreams are important, they’re vital for us planning a future which we would like to experience. As you know, dreams come to life through action. Though sometimes we get lost in the action and forget the beauty of the dream. Once we’ve achieved our dream we don’t necessarily notice we’ve achieved them, they’ve kind of sneaked upon us as time goes by and our consious has moved on to new dreams. We might not notice that dreams do come true.

Remind youself 
Remind your consious of your achievements. As an example – I’ve been living in Australia now for over 4 years and after my first year here my dream was to get permanent residency so I can live here as an Australian. Now I did consiously take action towards that dream and make a series of small decisions to assist me on my path to fulfilling that dream. Though now, 3 years later, when I can finally submit my application for PR, which is the last step that has to happen before I get my PR, it feels so simple and easy that I could have forgotten that it was once only a beautiful dream and I had no clue of how I was going to achieve this dream. I had to step back for a second and remind myself that I am just one tiny step away from reaching my dream which was SO big at the time of creation. This gives me a sense of huge gratitude.

Stop to acknowledge
When we allow ourselves to see the goals we reach as once being only beautiful dreams, we start living in a reality where dreams do come true. Why does this make a difference? When we keep track of our achievements by stopping and acknowledging ourselves, noticing that we are fulfilling on our dreams, we help our unconsious to create connections where it becomes a norm to achieve dreams, instead of seeing things as just something that happened. As these unconsious connections become stronger and stronger by every acknowledged dream that comes true, it allows us to create and believe in even greater dreams and have more of what we want in our lives more easily. When we recognise what otherwise might be overseen as something that “just happened”, as something we actually dreamt once and made come true, we start seeing how powerful we really are with dreaming things that become accomplished goals.

Dream it, do it, believe it and dream more.

You have to be Off in order to be On



I’m alive
Wow – I know you were thinking I must have disappeared, got enough of this blogging, maybe even forgot about us. Well you’re right, I did disappear, for a very important reason – to be off. I made a conscious decision after I traveled to Finland and held a workshop there in January this year, that I needed to get clear on what I want to do and who I want to work with. So I decided to stop everything that was me just doing stuff for the sake of doing it and channel all that energy into me working on getting clear on what I really want to be sharing with the world. It has taken me 6 months and so much has happened just from that tiny decision.


Off means On
When I allowed myself to switch to off I started feeling more clear. I dove down into studying what I love – which is personal development, I created a loving and supportive relationship with my partner, I connected with people who assisted in my clarity and my mission. I started finding all the puzzle pieces which have allowed me to start putting together my puzzle. I saw how important it is to be off in order for us to be on again. Like a light switch, it can’t be turned on, if it has not first been turned off.


Take your time
No one but yourself can give you permission to be off. It doesn’t need to be 6 months or a year, it can be one evening or a weekend, or even just an hour. It depends on what you need. Though don’t wait for anyone else to give you the permission to turn off, it is you and you only who can allow yourself to turn off. And it is a good feeling turning that switch to on when it has been off for a while, as the energy behind the light is so much clearer now. Because it is those moments off, that make those moments on so much more valuable.


So go take some time off and find out how much more on you can be!

Health is who you’re being

Health is who you are being

It is hard until it’s not
In the last 12 months I’ve given up both alcohol and coffee all together (after binging on both for some time) and here’s the thing, it was not easy…until, it was. You see, when I thought it was hard, it was hard, when I realised it is easy it was easy. As you already know, whatever we focus on in life we get more out of. Then ask yourself, are you focusing on how hard or challenging something is, or are you focusing on how easy and rewarding something is…? Example, are you focusing on how unhealthy you are, or on how healthy you can be?

What you focus on you get
The more I was focusing on something I wanted, that I did not have yet, the more of the ‘wanting’ I was getting, not the having… I was wanting to get rid of coffee from my diet all together, and therefore I was only getting more of the feeling of “wanting to get rid of it” and it was frustrating, making it challenging for me to actually be without coffee. Until, I started appreciating my current situation and the fact that it is ok that I had not yet stopped drinking coffee.

Appreciate where you’re at
The moment I gave myself permission and felt it was ok that I had coffee and alcohol as part of my diet right now, and shifted my focus to having more of the things in my life which aligned with the being I felt I was inside, like water, fruit juices, fresh coconut, and chai teas (all of which I love), I noticed my needs shifted. Very soon I was reaching for a glass of water instead of a glass of wine, and went to pick up a fruit juice in the morning instead of my coffee. The simple appreciation for the now and the permission of everything being ok as it is can make wonders as you connect more with who you are inside and let your being shine through to your choices in the outside world.

“Your body hears everything your mind says.” – Naomi Judd

Commit to your life

cook your life

Make a decision 
You know those moments when you feel absolutely clear? Like when you have a shopping list and enter the supermarket and know exactly what to buy to cook the dish you’re making for dinner, yes? Well that’s what a decision feels like. When you make one, things become clear. The decision to go and buy the ingredients needed to cook your dish is easy when you have a list to follow. Similarly outcomes are easy to obtain, when you make a decision and get clear on the steps needed to get there. 

Go shopping
It’s great to have a clear list of ingredients needed, though to create the dish, you physically need to go to the supermarket and buy the ingredients. You take action on your list. You are the one who can take the decision to go shopping, to make it happen for you. It will require some time and money, though without the dish, you’ll go hungry and eventually starve. If you like starving, then keep doing so, if you like to enjoy the dish and cooking it, then invest in what’s needed.

Commit to you
You’re here on this planet to do great things. You might or might not yet know what those great things are, though you can be certain that every commitment you make to take action on something that you inherently want, will take you closer to figuring out even more of what those great things are. When a commitment is made from Your heart, you commit to Your life. You commit to living it the way you want it to be lived and to be the person you want to be. Find your recipe of greatness, go shopping for the resources you need and commit to cooking the life you want yourself to be enjoying.

Now knowing committing to yourself is just as easy as writing a shopping list, what can you imagine yourself doing now, over the Christmas break…

“Commitment is an act, not a word” – Jean-Paul Sartre

Appreciate wealth and you will receive


Law of attraction
If you’ve read the book The Secret you know what I’m talking about, if not, just imagine you know what I’m talking about. We manifest things in our lives by what we consistently do both consciously and unconsciously 24/7. They become our habits and behaviours and therefore also our reality. What we manifest (both consciously and unconsciously) is attracted to us. Be aware of what you manifest and what you are attracting to you. Concentrate on what you want rather than what you don’t want, as whatever we concentrate and focus on is attracted to us.

Appreciation of wealth
Likewise, without an appreciation for wealth and respect for it, the attraction of it will be challenging, as whatever you hold dear you manifest. When we start appreciating wealth, respecting it and treating it as something we’d enjoy having more of in our lives, we start attracting more of it into our lives. If you think wealth is bad just becuase you’re conditioned to think so, well then stop right now. Wealth, like everything else, just is. There’s no good or bad with it, it is just what you say it is. Start allowing yourself to become wealthy by holding wealth dear to you.

Know your intention 
…with being wealthy. When you have all the wealth in the world, what are you going to do? Ask yourself, my intention with having all the wealth in the world is to … . You’ll notice, when your intention and purpose is greater than your desire to just simply be wealthy, the universe will conspire to bring you resources that will move you closer to your intention. Wealth, then, will just be an automatic side product. As your soul and intention/purpose are aligned and you act from a pure heart with love for your being, you will receive. 

Fortune sides with him who dares – Virgil

How dreams turn into reality


Have you ever achieved anything without first imagining it, creating it in your mind? You might not always be consciously aware that you’re imagining things or creating them in your mind, though unconsciously there’s activity happening all the time. With dreaming we can start shaping our reality. A dream becomes a goal, becomes reality. Dreaming is vital.

Set a goal
Though, if you stay in the dream and never create a goal out of it, the chances are you’ll just keep dreaming and escape your reality, spending your time in a fantasy world. The next step after dreaming is to take the dream and make it into an actual goal. Define it, create necessary steps to get there and put a time stamp on it. These three things will help you become clear on what you need to do and by when.

Take action
Yes, life rewards action. A dream is great, a plan is necessary, action is unreplasable. Just start, with even the smallest thing, make the first move. If your steps feel too big, break them down into even smaller steps. What can you do today that will move you a tiny bit closer to your goal, and eventually your dream? After the first step is taken, your dream has started shaping into reality, it has come into existence. This is how dreams turn into reality.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. – Walt Disney

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